Olga and Birgitta are hiking Laugavegur

Over the last couple of years I have designed a few of Icelandic lopi sweaters [...]

My time to be the Icelandic tourist: the Golden circle

Shame on me, my youngest daughter had never seen the famous Golden circle, at least [...]

A week-end in Iceland: the Trolls peninsula

This week, I should have been guiding the Hiking and knitting under the Midnight sun [...]

Flowering crochet

I spent the week-end North Iceland and used the opportunity to visit Safnasafnið (the Icelandic [...]

Hespa´s new home

The other day, I was finally able to pay a visit to Guðrún, the dyer [...]

The cutest

This week I should have been guiding the Icelandic Spring knitting retreat and now I [...]

The making of my yarns: Love Story

I created Love Story in the hope that it will help revive the Icelandic lace [...]

The wool sweater

Recently, a lovely French knitter pointed out to me a sweet sad song called Le [...]

Steeking part 4: sewing a ribbon

“Next I will show you how to add a ribbon to hide the steek” This [...]

A box in the dunes

Yesterday I received a box from France, more specifically from Cotentin in Normandy where I [...]

The tale of Katla

If my very fine Love Story yarn is the base for my Icelandic lambswool yarns, [...]

Mosi socks behind the scenes

The Mosi family is growing bigger! Knitted with my new Katla sock yarn, the Mosi [...]

Spring getaway

First, thank you so so much for all the birthday wishes the other day! Cheers [...]

The colors of the Icelandic spring

A couple of weeks ago, the first Lóa, the golden plover, was spotted in Iceland. [...]

A lichen of a cowl!

Cetraria Islandica is a cowl inspired by the lichen of the same name, commonly known [...]

Birthday sale 51 % off: can you guess my age?

Today, April 10th, is my birthday! 10 fun facts about me: I hate coffee, liquorice [...]

Travel: Ecuador (part 3)

As I mentioned in my previous post about my travel in Ecuador, I was very [...]

Aline’s Frjókorn

We were many to fall in love with Aline´s beautiful version of the Frjókorn sweater, [...]

Travel: Ecuador (part 2)

So did I find local alpaca in Ecuador? Yes, yes, and better than that! Closed [...]

Travel: Ecuador (part 1)

If you follow me on instagram or facebook, you will probably know that I recently [...]

Gayle, Gamaldags serial knitter

Here are pictures of not one, not two, not three but… NINE Gamaldags that Gayle [...]

A soft lopi alternative to Léttlopi: correspondence table

I love lopi sweaters and I don’t mind at all wearing them close to the [...]

A grey and rainy Friday

Yesterday was not black but grey and rainy, almost freezing, transforming the streets of Reykjavik [...]

Icelandic yarn club: after the first, comes the second!

A year ago, a woolly dream of mine came true when I started my first Icelandic [...]

Postcards from the Knitting on Ice tour 2019

Here are some pictures, and a video, of the last tour of 2019, Knitting on [...]

Postcards from the Authentic Iceland Hiking and knitting tour 2019

Sheep and waterfalls, wool and laughs, sweaters, cakes and sauna, hot geothermal tubs and lace [...]

The perfect bridal sweater

You may remember this blog post about the Fimmvörðuháls sweater I had made for a [...]

Postcards from the Hiking and knitting tour between Fire and Ice 2019

Here is a recap of the Hiking and knitting between Fire and Ice tour this [...]

Postcards from the Hiking and knitting tour with the Elves 2019

Here are a few pictures from the Hiking and Knitting tour with the Elves, a [...]

Postcards from the Hiking and Knitting under the Midnight Sun tour 2019

Here are a few pictures from the Hiking and Knitting Tour under the Midnight Sun! [...]

Knitting tours 2020

The knitting tours for 2020 will open for booking in September 2019. To be the [...]

Postcards from the Spring Hiking and knitting tour 2019

The Spring Hiking and Knitting tour is a more adventurous version of the Spring knitting [...]

Postcards from the Spring knitting retreat 2019

Spring knitting retreat? This year, it looked more like a summer retreat as the nature [...]

Half a century

A few weeks ago was my birthday: the 10th of this month, I turned 50 [...]

Lopalopi and The Supportive Skein

Lopalopi is a different chunky sweater with the shape of an oversized rose with arms. [...]

Pattern making insight: Útivist sweater

I’m a relatively fast knitter, a slow designer and an even slowest blogger! I won’t [...]

Icelandic Yarn Club

An Icelandic yarn club… I had been dreaming it for a long time… My aim [...]

Postcards from the Knitting on Ice tour 2018, 2

What a fun tour with some lovely ladies looking “damn good”! I want to be [...]

Postcards from the Knitting on Ice tour 2018, 1

Here are some pictures of the first Knitting on Ice tour of 2018! Day 1: [...]

How to catch the dyeing virus…

As the first snow has already started to fall on Iceland, I wanted to share [...]