Knitting tips: working with unspun Plötulopi

For the last #bloggintuesday of the year, here are a few knitting tips to work [...]

My Xmas knitting, a pair of scissors, the multiplication of the hats and the lost mittens season

#bloggingtuesday #lostmittensseason Between my endless sessions in front of the computer (who said knit designers [...]


I don’t really get into a Xmas mood before we made Laufabrauð (leafbread), a traditional festive bread [...]

Xmas sale and snow: JOL2014 !

Xmas is on its way and I’m so happy we finally got snow! You may [...]

Grýla is not dead!

It was really a special and exciting feeling to design a little collection of patterns using my very [...]

Knitting tips & techniques – Sizing with needle size

The mittens in my Grýla Collection are one size only but pattern says that more [...]

Rósir serial knitting

Here is Rósir another mitten pattern from my Grýla Collection. Rósir means roses in Icelandic and is the [...]

Mosi, moss, mousse

  Here is Mosi, meaning moss in Icelandic, the first pattern from my Grýla Collection. [...]

In the kitchen with Kate Davies

A few months ago, I had the great pleasure to meet Scottish designer and writer Kate Davies [...]

The never ending black Brynja sweater

This summer, I knitted an adult Brynja with a zipper for my teenage daughter: smallest [...]

Postcards from our Knitting in the Magical Night Tour 2014

These are the lovely settings around the farm house where we stayed with (very) wild [...]

Takk fyrir mig! – Knitting tours 2015!

For the 5th year in a row, I’m happy to present to you the 2015 [...]

One of those perfect days – hiking and knitting with Mary Jane Mucklestone

You may have seen a few pictures on my Instagram feed and know already that [...]

Knitting and hiking travels, Iceland 2015

  Spring Knitting on Ice with the Elves under the Midnight Sun between Fire and [...]

Fundraising to Save the Icelandic Cashmere Goat from Extinction

When headed North of Iceland, with my family or during my knitting tours, we never [...]

The Icelandic Turf House and the Knitter

Icelandic Turf Houses are filled with history and, as a knitter, there are few places [...]

Back to School Sale: 15 % off !

Here in Iceland, school has already started! For the occasion, I offer you 15% discount on all [...]

Postcards from our Hiking and knitting tour between Fire and Ice 2014

Knitting at the summit of a warm mountain  at the foot of a glacier, eating Nutella, it [...]

What my knitting bag says about me

The past months have been quite busy and it doesn’t just reflect on my neglected [...]

Postcards from our Knitting in the enchanting North tour 2014

Here are pictures from our Knitting in the enchanting North tour 2014: I’m not sure how I managed that [...]

Postcards from our Hiking and knitting tour with the Elves 2014

The Colors of Iceland during the Hiking and Knitting Tour with the Elves 2014 with perfectly [...]

Postcards from a custom knitting tour in June 2014

Sometimes I get to organize custom made knitting tours for knitters or companies: early in [...]

Postcards from our Hot Spring Knitting Tour

Better late than never! Here are postcards from a fabulous knitting holiday this last spring [...]

Alla style and Pinterest

   The other day, I took many pictures styling the Alla cardigan in blue and [...]

Alla lace cardigan: new pattern

 Alla is a lacy yoke cardigan knitted from the top down. Although it may look [...]

Graine d’Hélène

Graine d’Hélène… the name of this pattern is a pun on the name of the [...]

Sólblóm and a confession to make

Sólblóm et une confession à faire As much as I love Icelandic wool and wear [...]

Eastern Elves Lights

Les Lumières des Elfes de Pâques New Special Eastern Kits for the Elves lights! Nouveaux [...]

Pictures from Ástarsaga, Design March

Sunday was the last day of Design March and so the last day to see [...]

Design March wrap up

Design Mars récap This was a very exciting week-end here in Reykjavik with the annual Design [...]

Pour l’Amour du fil

Rendez-vous à Nantes sur le salon L’Amour du Fil, une édition spécial vintage, dans un [...]

One kit at a time!

Un kit à la fois! You were many to ask, so I finally took the [...]

Lopi Affection for my brother in law

Lopi Affection pour mon beau-frère He chose the colors for his birthday and got it [...]

Design March and the lace dresses

Design March et les robes en dentelle Many of you have been wondering and asking [...]

Sylvia’s Huntress Lopi cowl, aka Katniss Everdeen…

Le col de chasseresse en lopi de Sylvia aka Katniss Everdeen… Katniss Everdeen’s cowl in the Hunger [...]

My Icelandic costume #2: Fabrics

Mon costume islandais #2: tissus I won’t start sewing my costume before next autumn, but [...]

My Icelandic costume #1: baldýring

Mon costume islandais #1: baldýring Picture courtesy of  the Icelandic National Costume Board I started [...]

Pictures from my exhibition at the Icelandic Textile Museum

Photos de mon exposition au Musée Textile islandais I can’t believe I still haven’t shown [...]

Virginie’s Shawls

Les châles de Virginie She made her very first lace shawl last year in the Hiking [...]

Woolly shopping: AEF #2

Achats laineux: AEF#2 At the Craft and needle show in Paris, it was love at [...]