A box in the dunes

Yesterday I received a box from France, more specifically from Cotentin in Normandy where I come from. I was looking forward to it and the content deserved that I open it in a special place. It was therefore at the Grótta peninsula, which reminds me of the dunes of Blainville-sur-mer in Normandy, that I discovered with emotion the contents of my precious box …

… touched and smelled to the yarns from Normandy (in West of France): Laines à l´Ouest!

Wool from Normandy. Sheep raised with respect in natural meadows. Endangered local breeds.

I let you discover with me the colors and different qualities and read the labels.

Fleur de sel. Authentic wool from sheep grazing in salted meadows. A natural mottled gray, born from the blend of ecru and burel wicks of breeds in small numbers: the Avranchin sheep and the Hague roussin sheep.

Heart hook. Yarn made from two historic races of the English Channel: Avranchin and Cotentine sheep. Breeders committed to their preservation as well as to a natural and respectful farming method.

Beautiful friend. This yarn is the result of the assembly of two historic breeds from the big West (Brittany and Normandy) renowned for the quality and generosity of their fleece: the Maine blue sheep and the Avranchin sheep. Their initials B and A give this yarn its name of “Bel-Ami” in a nod to one of the talented authors of our territory, Guy de Maupassant.


Okay, I lied, I opened the box and unpacked and smelled everything inside my car on the parking lot in front of the post office… 😳

PS: It took the package more than a month to reach me. If you are waiting for a package from Iceland, do not despair, it will eventually deliver itself!


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