How to name a sweater: sex

Thank you so much for the warm welcome to my new sweater design. Or like I put it my social medias, thank you so much for all the SEX LOVE… So far, so good, nobody reported me yet for inappropriate content.

But why give such a name to a sweater?

First naming designs is not always an easy task. And giving them Icelandic names makes it even a bit more difficult. Not that the Icelandic vocabulary is not rich enough, but when your market is international, you´d rather choose a name that is relatively easy to pronounce and write, with no letters than exist only in the Icelandic alphabet (otherwise it gets lost in search…), and of course have something to do with the actual design and say part of the story.
Fimmsomething and Gamalsomething, this is how my lovely tech editor refers to some of my patterns, but she doesn´t have any issue wih Aska or Mosi!

Last, you want a name that is not already taken! Beside Icelandic designers and the Ístex company, I don´t know if you have noticed but there seems to be a worldwide trend to give Icelandic names to designs, especially yokes, independendtly from the fact whether the designs in question are indeed Icelandic yoke sweaters or have anything to do with Iceland.

So all in all, SEX, which means six in Icelandic seemed perfect. Short, easy to pronounce, memorable, not already taken: it has it all!
The SEX sweater is indeed playing on the number six: it makes use of a 6 mm needle (US 10), a lace motif of 6-stitch repeat, and the overall numbers are multiple of sex, sorry, multiple of six!


This is the first sweater I have designed with my Katla Sokkaband! I really felt like a DK/sport weight sweater made of Icelandic wool was missing in my wardrobe.
I went for a top down yoke with a relaxed fit and ¾ sleeves and to achieve the drapé I chose to knit with an unusually big size needle for a DK weight yarn: 6 mm (that´s US 10)!
This of course makes for a very quick knit that is also very easy on yardage!

The sweater is inspired by simple Icelandic lace shawls decorated with bands of lace motif (kongúlóaprjón – spider knit) against a stocking stitch background and ends with a loopy bind-off, typical of Icelandic shawls. I over simplified the lace and kept it in one color.

From the book Triangular and long shawls

When designing the sweater, I made sure that the open work lace bands would not cross over the bust and show anything that you wouldn´t want to show. If you have no idea what I´m talking about, I´m referring to nipples and to be more precise female nipples (#freethenipple).

Compared to the front, you will notice the extra band of lace at the back, across the shoulder blades: this clever construction raises the back higher and makes consequently for a pleasant neckline (much lower at the front).

It comes in a wide range of sizes, from XXS to 5XL. I know, that´s 10 sizes, not 6. I could have suppressed 2 sizes at each end of the size range in order to keep the six logic but I didn´t (of course!) because EVERYBODY DESERVES a SEX sweater.

And of course, I couldn´t help but take sexy pictures of the sweater, just for fun and because I needed a little lightness in the current mood!

A big thank you to the Icelandic beauty that is Daría Sól and for playing along with me!

I played along too but not only were the pictures all blurred, you can clearly see my hand holding tight on the remote control! I show them to you anyway!

But it was fun!

Don´t worry, I won´t be offended if you don´t play along as well! SEX IS GREAT with clothes on too!

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