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Postcards from Knitting on ice 2022

Still catching up with the recap of my knitting tours: this is the last one [...]

Postcards from the Autumn Knitting retreat 2022

From the Autumn Knitting retreat last year, I mosty remember the vivid and moody colors… [...]

Prjónagleði 2023

I spent the week-end in Blönduós (North west of Iceland) where I was attempting Prjónagleði [...]

Postcards from the Authentic Iceland hiking and knitting tour 2022

Just realising I´ve been really bad at posting recaps from my tours from last autum/winter… [...]

Correspondence tables: Knitting plötulopi and Love Story together instead of Léttlopi or Álafosslopi

Many of my patterns are using a blend of plötulopi and Love Story together for [...]

Spring sale!

To celebrate the arrival of spring and the sempiternal snow and cold that follows it [...]

Icebreaker, I´m a Knit Star!

It was hard keeping the secret, butas you know I´m taking you all to Iceland [...]

Icelandic Yarn Club 4 – 2 pattern reveals , 2 more to go

My popular annuel Icelandic yarn club, the 4th edition is now well undergo. The aim [...]

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