Brynja makes blueberry jam

I went to pick up blue berries the other day.

They are delicious!

Then Brynja made some jam.

First to weigh the fruits and sugar (about 600-800 g sugar for 1 kg blue berry)

Mix well.
Really well!
Leave to macerate over night.

Mix with a mixer and strain. With the left over from the straining, this clever doll made a delicious blueberry juice! She added water to the left over, let it rest then strain again.

Add some whole cleaned and hulled blueberries, let come to a boil and cook for approximatively 20 mn (or until it is thick enough), stirring often.

Pour in jars.

Be happy!

PS:  “What are you doing with your dolls in the kitchen? So if you miss the jam, you can blame it on them?” insinuated a waggy tongue at home…

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