Postcards from the Knitting on Ice tour 2016, 1

Here are a few pictures of the Knitting on Ice tour in 2016 (the first [...]

Postcards from a Reykjavík Knitting Holiday

The Autumn knitting tour was immediately followed by an Arena Travel tour based mostly in [...]

Postcards from a custom Knitting Tour Autumn 2016

October has been very busy for me with 3 knitting tours in a row! First [...]

Fanø knitting festival

This was a very special week-end I had, on the lovely Danish island of Fanø. [...]

Strik fra Island

The past week, I spent a week-end in Copenhaguen for the knitting event Pakhusstrik at [...]

27 things from Shetland

As you probably know if you follow my Instagram feed or Facebook page, I have [...]

Flying …

… is the time! Some months ago (!!), along side with many talented designers I [...]

Postcards 2016 – Hiking and knitting between Fire and Ice Tour

The thema for this tour was the unique Icelandic intarsia as seen in the colorful Icelandic [...]

Postcards 2016 from the Hiking and knitting with the Elves tour

Hiking and knitting (lace shawls) with the Elves in a glorious weather… what a wonderful tour [...]

Postcards from the Hiking and Knitting Tour under the Midnight Sun 2016

A wonderful Hiking and knitting tour under the Midnight Sun in the troll Peninsula with wild [...]

Postcards from the Spring Knitting Retreat 2, 2016

It’s fair to say that this second Spring Knitting Retreat was warmer than the first [...]

Postcards from the Spring Knitting Retreat 1, 2016

Such a fun time these little guys had with the knitters from my first tour of 2016, [...]


Each time I’m going on a hike in the Icelandic mountains, I’m confronted to very [...]

What’s blooming in your Flowerpots!

The Flowerpot coat never fails to impress!  Everywhere you wear it people will notice the [...]

Stripes of Love

Randalín is a lovely striped shawl with a rose trellis pattern on a garter stitch [...]

Hila’s shawl

I’m happy  release a new pattern knitted with Love Story, my very fine Icelandic lambswool! I knitted [...]

Folded with love

  Gára means “folding” in Icelandic. A gorgeous combination of two yarns – Love Story and Einrúm creates a [...]

Tips & techniques – spit-splicing and color changes

Most knitters prefer to splice or join yarn without knots and without leaving ends that [...]

A Viking Knit-A-Long

If anyone honors their Viking heritage – it’s Icelanders!  To recognize  the return of Vikings® Season 4 to [...]

The Mosi family

Ever try to get your family to cooperate for a group shot?  Try getting everyone to [...]

Gilitrutt, an Icelandic tale

Xmas for me is synonymous with snow and tale. So here is an Icelandic tale: the one [...]

Tips & techniques – Yarn over short rows

Here is a little tutorial that many of you have been asking for: how to work [...]

Autumn knit

Autumn never lasts very long in Iceland: suddenly comes a lot of wind and over [...]

Postcards from the Knitting on Ice tour 2015

Here are some pictures of our Knitting on Ice tour this october. We saw sheep, bought [...]


While in Shetland, I released a new pattern using my lovely Gilitrutt Tvíband: a lopapeysa [...]

Further North

Last week-end was one of those that can’t get much better. First I went to Akureyri [...]

Icelandic Knitting Days in Copenhaguen

Last week, I participated for the first time in the Icelandic Knitting Days in Copenhaguen hosted at [...]

The reunion – Postcards from the Hiking and Knitting Tour under the Midnight Sun 2015

The Hiking and Knitting under the Midnight Sun was a brand new tour I offered [...]

Postcards from the Hiking and Knitting tour between Fire and Ice 2015 or the Fog Ladies

The last tour of the summer ended last week and while I’m preparing for the [...]

The Love Story continues…

If you have been following my Instagram, you will have seen a few pictures showing the wonderful [...]

The Mystery of the Shetland Scarf

The Vintage Shetland Project is the culmination of several years Susan Crawford has spent researching hand-knitted garments and accessories [...]

Travel Awards

We want to offer you the best knitting holidays and make your travels experience as [...]

My Icelandish Baa-ble hats

It’s summer time in Iceland, there is still a bit of snow at the top [...]

Knitting in Lithuania

Today, we’re going to Lithuania! There’s a rich tradition of knitting mittens, socks and beaded [...]

Some green in the Spring snow!

That was indeed one of those sunny days but very windy and the light powder [...]

Warming up the elfes

Spring in Iceland is skying season. My friend Anna Maria and I were well equipped [...]

The Scottish connection – Edinburgh Yarn Festival

I came back yesterday from Scotland where I was participating in the Edinburgh Yarn Festival. [...]

The bride’s lopapeysa

#bloggingtuesday + 1 From time to time, I take orders for custom made finished sweaters [...]

Take a big breath !

As a knitting and hiking tour guide, I have to renew my skills from time [...]

Tips & techniques – Jogless join

When knitting in the round, we are in fact working spiral rows and a disgraceful [...]