Each time I’m going on a hike in the Icelandic mountains, I’m confronted to very difficult choices: what knits to wear? This Spring hike was no exception!


First the sweater, a lopapeysa of course. After a lot of hesitations and back and forth, my choice, among my collection of Icelandic lopi sweaters, went to my Lopi Affection and its striped yoke matching the muddy colors of Icelandic spring when snow has begun to melt.


But then, which scarf around my neck? My very soft Hila scarf knitted with Love Story lambswool?


Or my cozy Gára cowl knitted with Einrúm lopi and silk and Love Story?


Or my Icelandic Spring shawl knitted with my soft Gilitrutt lambswool in the spring colorway?


Not Hila?


The Icelandic Spring shawl  was my choice at the end!

2016-04-30-12-23-01 2016-04-30-14-24-00

In perfect harmony with the landscape.

2016-04-30-13-22-12 2016-04-30-13-56-41


Of course I brought in my bag pack a little knitting project for the knitting breaks. I can’t show it to you yet but knitted with my Gilitrutt yarn in the Anis green and Moss green shades it also matched the landscape perfectly.

2016-04-30-12-26-32 2016-04-30-14-21-54

What would have been your choice?