Postcards 2016 from the Hiking and knitting with the Elves tour


Hiking and knitting (lace shawls) with the Elves in a glorious weather… what a wonderful tour it was and such a fun fun fun company of knitters!

Above is a magnificent Halldóra scarf knitted with Love Story in the West fjord green shade by the adorable Susan, coming in a knitting tour with me all the way from Australia, for the second time! So was Laurie after she put herself into shape for the hikes, that makes me so happy!

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A blurry lace project of mine in the foreground – I will have to take a real camera with me one day… this is such a wonderful spot to enjoy the puffins, you can almost touch them!

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The houses in the village beautifully painted in this lovely little book (unfortunately out of stock…)


Curious knitters… we eventually got to get in the next day, visiting my lovely 87 years old friend, who lives there during summertime.


Sleeping elf…?

2016-08-03-13-38-09 p1010028

Lace knitting break: I’m wearing my Fimmvörðuháls lopapeysa and Icelandic shawl from the Cathare people.

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Knitting break :-)

2016-08-03-17-05-50 2016-08-03-18-04-20 2016-08-04-19-02-04

Our talented cook and the Hila scarf.

2016-08-04-21-55-26 2016-08-05-11-40-31

The “Fiðrildi choir” performing for the first time: then we decided to stick to lace knitting…


Icelandic spring shawl knitted with Grýla


Ready for a splash in the cold sea, then the hot tub: from left to right, a lovely shawl designed by Melanie Berg, my Icelandic spring shawl , a beautiful hyrna (traditional triangular garter stitch shawl) knitted with plant-dyed yarn from Hespa.

2016-08-05-16-44-28 14031011_10207326332259956_1577383241_n-copy14081425_10207326343340233_65497608_n

One skein of the extra soft Love Story in Hot spring blue.

2016-08-06-11-14-24 14031176_10207325932929973_269489812_n 2016-08-06-13-20-40

Knitting and hiking and taking pictures of sheep…

2016-08-06-13-09-07 2016-08-06-14-46-29 2016-08-06-14-40-00 2016-08-06-14-41-54

My Icelandic spring shawl knitted with Gilitrutt in the Spring color combination.


Amazing colors of the moss and a perfectly incredible match… no filter…

2016-05-27-11-49-27 14017773_10207326346620315_1834349538_n

Farewell at my studio xxxx