Postcards from the Spring Knitting Retreat 2, 2016


It’s fair to say that this second Spring Knitting Retreat was warmer than the first and it was indeed very warm on an Icelandic standard. So warm indeed that the sea evaporated! Thanks to the fog, we could then put on a few handknits!


Don’t believe me? Here are a few shots to prove it!

2016-06-03-19-33-44 2016-06-04-00-16-31

1AM, one cloud

2016-06-04-11-40-10 2016-06-04-12-09-32 2016-06-04-12-10-362016-06-04-16-10-04 img_2300 2016-06-05-14-35-48

There was an outdoor ceremony for the local Fishermen’s day …


…and some knitters used the opportunity to get some fresh air!


…or was it to show off their handknits?


During my knitting tours, not just the lambs eat well…

2016-06-02-11-15-04 2016-06-02-11-19-32-1

or the cashmere goats


Knitters eat (very very) well too! And are always allowed to knit at the table.


It is also strongly encouraged to knit with Gilitrutt while eating Nutella whipped cream…


And this is what happens when knitters go to a local bar and have a drink: the table literally crawls under the handknitting!


We also knit knit a lot of course; here we are showing off our little lopi sweaters (all steeked) in front of Icelandic only spinning mill, Ístex (which we visited).


THEODÓRA was my assistant for this knitting tour and she was so efficient, I thought she would deserve a post on her own, so stay tuned next week for another post of blog to see the trip through her eyes!