Postcards from the Hiking and Knitting Tour under the Midnight Sun 2016


A wonderful Hiking and knitting tour under the Midnight Sun in the troll Peninsula with wild flowers, waterfalls, beautiful mountains topped with snow, a lot of sun, a bit of fog, a dash of rain, lots of wool and much much more!

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The knitting thema for this tour were the traditional Icelandic mittens.


It’s midnight on this picture! There”s a bit of fog but the sun is not far away!

2016-06-23-21-34-50-copy1 2016-06-24-10-33-39-copy1

Knitting break in the wild with Theodora‘s canadian cousin.

2016-06-24-10-33-55-copy1 2016-06-24-12-00-00-copy1

That day fearless knitters cut a steek (because it’s what we do in Iceland)  and crossed a glacial river. And yes the water was glacier cold!

2016-06-24-12-22-12-copy1 2016-06-24-12-30-33-copy1

The only man in the tour…


…and now a knitter! Conversion succeeded (almost)!

2016-06-25-20-22-54-copy1 2016-06-26-14-55-06-copyjjj1 2016-06-25-09-33-01-1-copy1

We learn all sorts of traditional techniques and new skills during the tour and the result of the workshop? What the heck, an awfully troll!!?

Everyone also worked on “real” mittens with confidence! See some patterns and kits here.

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We may have missed a few stitches during the soccer match!…