Design March: Icelandic Wool Symposium

Design March: Colloque sur la laine islandaise This week in Iceland is all about Design [...]

A week-end in Iceland: National Costumes

Un week-end en Islande: Costumes nationaux At the occasion of the 100 years old anniversary [...]

Un grand merci

A huge thank you Retour de salon “un peu” enrhumée d’où mon silence mais je [...]

Aiguille en fête: J-1

Fin prête pour le grand jour demain. Souvenez-vous, vous me trouverez sur un stand dans [...]

Aiguille en fête J-7

Aiguille en fête D-7 Bientôt l’Aiguille en fête: cette année, j’ai un stand un peu [...]

Fimmvörðurháls cardigan

This week-end, I completed the cardigan version of my Fimmvörðurháls sweater with reindeer horns button and knitted [...]

In the Icelandic press…

Dans la presse islandaise My knitting tours and the Tourism Award I won were in [...]

In the German press: Stuttgarter Nachrichten

Dans la presse allemande: Stuttgarter Nachrichten There was an article about the Sonntag Aktuell Tourism [...]

In the French press: “Il était un fil…” Editions du Saxe

Dans la presse française: “Il était un fil…” aux éditions du Saxe This morning, I had the [...]

In the British press: Yarnwise magazine

Dans la presse anglaise: Yarnwise magazine Yarnwise is a knitting magazine I truly enjoy with an [...]

A week-end in… Stuttgart: Sonntag Aktuell Touristic Price Award

Un week-end à … Stuttgart: Sonntag Aktuell Prix du tourisme 2013 This week-end I was [...]

Postcards from our New Year’s Knitting tour

Cartes postales de notre Escapade du Nouvel An This week-end was the first knitting tour [...]

In the press: Útivera outdoor magazine

In latest Útivera, a quaternal Icelandic publication about great outddoors, Sally shares her experience when she [...]

Woolly wishes from Iceland!

Meilleurs voeux d’Islande! 2012 in numbers: – 46 new designs that, for most of them, I [...]

Issue 05: return to Iceland

Numéro 05: retour en Islande

A week-end in Iceland: by the seashore

En bord de mer I missed my Monday post but the light is magical and [...]

This weed-end, the sun rised up…

Ce week-end, le soleil s’est levé… Pictures taken between 10:30 and 11 AM Photos prises [...]

I’m moving again! – in the House of Icelandic Design, Food, Art & Music

Je déménage encore!  This week-end, I’ve been moving again! Not countries or houses but my [...]

A week-end in Iceland: ice-skating under the moonlight

Un week-en en Islande: patinage au clair de lune It’s 4PM and the Reykjavik’s pound [...]

A week-end in Iceland doing nothing

Un week-end Islande à ne rien faire Sometimes it’s good to do just nothing… and [...]

A week-end in Iceland: hiking and knitting with my girls

Un week-end en Islande: tricot-treck avec les filles Knitting and walking, not just in my [...]

Postcards from our Magical (and windy!) knitting tour

Cartes postales de notre voyage de tricot magique (et venteux!) This week-end was a storm [...]

A week-end in iceland: knitting super hero!

Un week-end en Islande: Super Héros du Tricot This week-end was the annual party at [...]

Knitting tours in Iceland 2013

Voyages de tricot 2013 Did you see that the program for the knitting tours 2013 [...]

Un week-end en Islande: Northern lights

Un week-end en Islande: aurores boréales Ce week-end il faisait froid et beau, le temps [...]

A week-end in Iceland: autumn colors

Un week-en en Islande: couleurs d’automne Autumn colors in my neighborghood, Vesturbaer in Reykjavik 101. Les [...]

A week-end in Iceland: knit and kitch

Un week-end en Islande: tricot kitch This week-end was the launch of a new knitting [...]

Gavstrik magazine: The Icelandic rose

Gavstrick magazine: La rose islandaise When the editor of the Danish knitting magazine Gavstrik asked me [...]

A week-end in Iceland: family knitting

Un week-end en Islande: tricot en famille It’s good to be a mum! C’est chouette [...]

A week-end in Iceland: sheep round-up (3) Thea’s birthday

Un week-end en Islande: tri des moutons (3) l’anniversaire de Théa Last week-end, we didn’t go [...]

Sheep round-up (2): 16 years ago!

Tri des moutons (2):  il y a 16 ans ! My very first round-up at [...]

Love, love, love

Talking about sheep… Love Story yarns in natural sheep colors… grey… brown… black…love! En parlant [...]

A week-end in Iceland: sheep round-up (1) soup

Un week-end en Islande: tri des moutons (1) soupe Now that I have moved back [...]

A week-end in Iceland: cashmere goats, blueberries and mushrooms

Un week-en en Islande: chèvres cashmere, myrtilles et champignons Henrietta & Linda: love at first sight… [...]

My Icelandic knitting studio

Mon atelier islandais I’ve looking very much forward to being working away from home and [...]

A knitting week-end in Iceland: family reunion

Un week-en en Islande: réunion de famille When the descendants of Frú Sylvía and Ólafur [...]

Postcards from our Knitting in the North of Iceland tour

Cartes postales de notre voyage de tricot au Nord de l’Islande Mystical …  Mystique… … [...]

Ravellenic Gold medal winner!

Find out more in Team Icelandic knitters. Plus d’infos dans l’équipe Icelandic Knitters

Postcards from our Hiking and Knitting tour in Iceland

Photos de notre tricot treck entre Feu et Glace  Ice /Glace Fire / Feu Green [...]

Having fun at the Nordic Knitting Conference

On s’amuse à la Conférence de tricot nordique I didn’t take much pictures at all at [...]