What’s blooming in your Flowerpots!


The Flowerpot coat never fails to impress!  Everywhere you wear it people will notice the unique design and interesting texture. What I am finding fascinating are the wonderful color palettes you knitters are using to create your own Flowerpots.  I want to showcase some of the lovely finished coats you have made; I am proud to be part of your creative process! (And I couldn’t resist finding flower names for the colors of each of your coats! )

Arna’s Flowerpot is an explosion of “Fuschias”:

img_4803_medium2 img_4809_medium2

From Pascale comes “Blue Mystique Orchid” – this heathered blue, grey and black beauty:

flowerpotpacale2-2 flowerpotpascale1-1

 KnitNorth ‘s “Tiffany Blue Dahlia” shows how beautiful glacier blue can be in a bouquet:

knitnorth2 knitnorth3

Ellalc2′s elegant  “White Roses” with bold geometric shoulders would be a beautiful wrap over an evening gown:

ellalc1 ellalc2

 “Pink Carnations” from Ribbel2 is a cheerful nod to spring:

ribbel1 ribbel2

 Chiko’s Flowerpot celebrates  Hibiscus with it’s mix of red and yellow :

chiko3 chiko21

SandreetCie’s bunches of Geraniums is shown decorating the bow of a ship and in-progress:

sandreetcie1 sandreetcie2

Plektou   brought an autumn feel with the “Chrysanthemums” and shows us buttons being made:

plektou1 plektou2

Patchelle created  a “Black Star Calla Lily” coat, worthy of it’s stellar name:

patchelle1 patchelle2

And last but not least is Asta’s bouquet of Viburnum, a lovely contrast of softest green with pale grey.

img_2730_medium2 img_2733_medium2

EDIT: I couldn’t find the one from Claire, a wonderful bouquet of Yellow flags.

70799790_p 70799799_p

What color flowers have you planted in your Flowerpot?

Pattern and wool here.