The Scottish connection – Edinburgh Yarn Festival


I came back yesterday from Scotland where I was participating in the Edinburgh Yarn Festival. I taught 2 workshops and had a stand where I sold my kits and yarn, Grýla and Love Story. Yes, it’s the new Love Story colors you can see on the picture! I had a small batch sent to Scotland for me but I’m currently waiting for the whole stock to arrive, so you will still have to be patient as it won’t be listed in my shop before a few weeks! I’ll let you know!



I saw lots of Lopi sweaters, fake and real! And a Cathare Icelandic shawl on a beautiful lady.


It was very busy as you can imagine and I didn’t take much pictures. To be honest I did’t see much of the other stands either but eXtremely quickly. Still I managed a wee time to indulge myself with 3 skeins of Old Mainden Aunt yarns, some absolutely irresistible handpainted colors I have been fantasizing about for a couple of years. And a copy of Nancy Marchant‘s latest book “Knitting Fresh Brioche“, photographed (except the book cover?) by the incredibly talented Madame Craft, aka Alexandra Feo: I have been wanting this book ever since it came out but patiently waited the festival to get a copy signed by the lively Nancy.

L1200168 L1200169

On Saturday evening, there was a ca-baaa-ret animated by the joyful, colorful and funny Felicity aka Knitsonik, author of the best colorwork source book about stranded knitting.  There was also a knitting quiz organized by Ysolda (therefore a very difficult quiz!) where my team (including the beautiful Mel, Irish designer Carol Feller and the very knowledgeable Graeme from baa ram ewe) won the third place and lovely stitch markers from Owl Print Panda. It was also the occasion to reunion with designer friends and meet with favorite designers and authors: do you recognize any?

L1200138 L1200139

Once the show finished, I spent a last day exploring the beautiful city of Edinburgh, walking (and getting lost) for hours and hours with my friend Ellen (and Theodóra).

L1200149 L1200151 L1200153 L1200156 L1200157

In conclusion, what I can tell you about the Edinburgh Yarn Festival is that it was “BLOODY BRILLIANT” and I will definitively be back next year! Thank you Mica and Jo for the excellent work!