My Xmas knitting, a pair of scissors, the multiplication of the hats and the lost mittens season


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Between my endless sessions in front of the computer (who said knit designers actually knit all day?) and the renovation of my future workspace, I managed to do a bit of knitting and keep sane. And since it’s lost mittens season here in Iceland, I knitted mostly mittens. In all sort of sizes for the whole family.


Some got lost already, like the red pair: there was one one left, I knitted 3 and now there are … a pair! They still match because I always take care to knit mittens with no right or left hand – I promise I will come up with the pattern (probably next year!)


Some mittens were not lost but well worn and since I’m not Tom of Holland, I took a pair of scissors and cut and reknit the missing part, and there are like new.


One evening, I improvised a red (Xmas) hat for myself. It didn’t turn out so well: I liked the crown, but not on this hat, with the flat top paired with the earflaps looking like a quite unflattering helmet…



So the next day, I took a pair of scissors and … cut!


And now I have a hat and a basque beret and I’m quite happy with both of them!


L1190560    L1190578


You will notice that together with Grýla and the Xmas cat, there are only 12 Xmas lads: number 13th is due to come tomorrow and then it’s Xmas!



Happy, happy knitting Xmas!

With love from snow white, icy and extremely slippery Reykjavík!

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