Xmas sale and snow: JOL2014 !


Xmas is on its way and I’m so happy we finally got snow! You may be a bit surprised to hear that from someone living in Reykjavik, Iceland, but actually it’s much colder in the winter for example in New York than it is actually here! One of the reasons I want snow in the city is that it lightens everything up at this time of the year where we have only 3-4 hours day light. I just hope the snow will last until Xmas and we won’t end up with a so called “red Xmas” like last year. And the year before. In the countryside and highlands however, there are plenty of snow to play with and go skying, it is Iceland after all!

So to celebrate the new fallen snow and as a little gift to you, I’m running a Xmas sale until december 24th, midnight: 10% discount on all products, books, patterns, yarn for sale on the website! Simply enter the code JOL2014 in the discount box of the shopping cart at the check out. It also works on Ravelry: in Ravelry shopping basket, enter coupon code JOL2014.