Alla lacy yoke cardigan (8)

Alla lace cardigan: new pattern


 Alla is a lacy yoke cardigan knitted from the top down. Although it may look complicated, the lace motifs are deceptively simple and it won’t take much more time to knit than a lace shawl. The pattern includes charted and written instructions as well as a step-by-step blocking tutorial, making it a suitable project even for lace beginners. It comes into 9 sizes from XXXS to 3X.

Alla is how dear friends and family called Aðalbjörg Jónsdóttir, an Old Icelandic woman who made wonderful lace dresses inspired by the Icelandic knitted slip klukka, but much more intricate. My design however is quite different from the dresses made by Aðalbjörg: first, it is knitted from the top down. You can try it on as you knit and easily make adjustments in length or flare. There is no seaming or grafting involved. The division of the yoke for body and sleeves is worked on a plain row, not in lace pattern, making the transition smooth and straightforward. Alla is not a dress but a little cardigan: the investment in time and yarn is similar to the one of a lace shawl and a perfect lacy project for maximum effect! Before blocking, the cardigan will look ridiculously small: don’t let this puzzle you but make sure the yarn you are using is suitable for lace and won’t spring back to original shape once stretched. Alla is light and versatile, you can dress it up or down, at work, at the beach or at a party, but be sure all the eyes will be on you!

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Yarn used: Crewel wool/Lace weight yarn, natural dyes, from Renaissance Dyeing

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