The never ending black Brynja sweater


This summer, I knitted an adult Brynja with a zipper for my teenage daughter: smallest size, all black with a black motif… And yes, although it was all black, I knitted it in the round and steeked it: why purl if you can avoid it?

I started it in June but in July, the sleeves were too short so I lengthened them (using this method). In August, there were again 5 cm / 2 inches too short (how could that happen?!)… So I lengthened them again. And now the teenage isn’t so kind of wearing a black sweater anymore… I have a few changes in mind… and yes she’s 13 years old and 10 cm/ 4 inches taller than me (or was 10 days ago at least…).

l1190128 l1190134 l1190135    L1190179