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The adventures of Theodóra, first episode: “Out of the pen”

Theodóra is a charming little knitted doll designed by Hélène Magnússon. Theodóra gets new pieces [...]

Autumn knit

Autumn never lasts very long in Iceland: suddenly comes a lot of wind and over [...]

The never ending black Brynja sweater

This summer, I knitted an adult Brynja with a zipper for my teenage daughter: smallest [...]

Sylvia’s Huntress Lopi cowl, aka Katniss Everdeen…

Le col de chasseresse en lopi de Sylvia aka Katniss Everdeen… Katniss Everdeen’s cowl in the Hunger [...]

DYI Thea’s felted balls

Tuto: les boules feutrées de Théa Scraps yarns, leftovers, tangled yarns, bits of knit: what [...]

Finger knitting with Stína and Henrietta

Le tricot aux doigts avec Stína et Henrietta The warmest book in the world:  “Stína [...]

A week-end in Iceland: hiking and knitting with my girls

Un week-end en Islande: tricot-treck avec les filles Knitting and walking, not just in my [...]

A week-end in Iceland: family knitting

Un week-end en Islande: tricot en famille It’s good to be a mum! C’est chouette [...]

A proud mum

Une maman très fière Photo credit: Christelle  A nice article about me in the brand new French Webzine [...]

Sour sweet

Aigre doux Turning the ugly and unbearable daily reality into something sweet and cute. Sigrún [...]


In need of a rat for a theatre play at school? Hop, my Sylvia simply [...]

Yarn along

Aujourd’hui, je montre ce que je tricote 🙂 et participe ainsi au Yarn along organisé [...]


The other day, I taught Sylvia, my oldest daughter 9 years old, how to increase [...]

Lost and not found…

Perdu et pas retrouvé… Theodora‘s little tasseled cap is lost, again! …. so I’m knitted [...]


En islandais, on décline tout (quatre cas: nominatif, accusatif, génitif, datif), même les prénoms! C’est [...]


Reposée… Back home, still a lot of work… I´ll tell you more about it very [...]

Concours et dédicace

Book signing and give away Gagnez un exemplaire gratuit de Retour d´Islande en participant au [...]

Il est rentré ! It returned!

Retour d´Islande est sorti! Les illustrations sont magnifiques: je vous laisse admirer le beau travail [...]

Retour d´Islande

You may want to go and visit Iceland with your family when you read this [...]

Margot bis

Yet another Margot for Henrietta… And I have a third one on my needles for [...]

Moth alert, again !

The “moth” from previous post did it again: this time it was Rosa (or Violet, [...]


Sylvía insisted that I knitted a girly outfit for her friend’ s birthday. Here it [...]

A FO for Thea

Un FO (finished object, objet fini) pour Théa Thea, today 6 years old, finished her [...]

Carnaval : flower princess

Princesse des fleurs

A gift for Myrna

Un cadeau pour Myrna Here is an Icelandic yoke sweater for Myrna. She´s one year [...]

The coquerel with a broken arm

Thea started right away with a new project: a coquerel from The Knitted farmyard I [...]

The lion and the cat

Sylvía finished her cat and Théa her lion. They are both knitted with Álafoss Lopi [...]


Maman Mouche, Papa Mouche and La Mouche are very proud to announce the birth of [...]

A lion and a cat

Sylvía and Théa are working hard on a lion and a cat project. They are [...]

Knitted house

It´s high summer here, but look what I found in the TV magasine: I´m not [...]

Papa Mouche

Maman Mouche found a husband! Apparently there was a big wedding but I was not [...]

Knit with Thea (2)

Thea has been knitting a cache-nez for her friend Salomé´s mother. A cache-nez is a [...]

La Mouche´s birthday

We celebrated La Mouche´s fourth birthday the other day. From all the soft toys the [...]

Knit with Thea (1)

What is Thea (5 and a half years old) knitting?