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In Uppercase Magazine 19

Uppercase Magazine is one of my favourite magazines of all time. Recognized for its design [...]

In Handmade Living, Piece Work Magazine Knitting traditions, The Knitter

I’ve not been very good lately at blogging about publications in the press. So now [...]

In the Icelandic press…

Dans la presse islandaise My knitting tours and the Tourism Award I won were in [...]

In the German press: Stuttgarter Nachrichten

Dans la presse allemande: Stuttgarter Nachrichten There was an article about the Sonntag Aktuell Tourism [...]

In the French press: “Il était un fil…” Editions du Saxe

Dans la presse française: “Il était un fil…” aux éditions du Saxe This morning, I had the [...]

In the British press: Yarnwise magazine

Dans la presse anglaise: Yarnwise magazine Yarnwise is a knitting magazine I truly enjoy with an [...]

A week-end in… Stuttgart: Sonntag Aktuell Touristic Price Award

Un week-end à … Stuttgart: Sonntag Aktuell Prix du tourisme 2013 This week-end I was [...]

In the press: Útivera outdoor magazine

In latest Útivera, a quaternal Icelandic publication about great outddoors, Sally shares her experience when she [...]

Gavstrik magazine: The Icelandic rose

Gavstrick magazine: La rose islandaise When the editor of the Danish knitting magazine Gavstrik asked me [...]

How to become a professional knitter

Comment devenir une créatrice de tricot professionnelle Robin Hunter posts regularly interviews with interesting designers about [...]

The Icelandic Knitter in KNIT magazine, issue 46

Tricoteuse d’Islande dans le magazine KNIT, numéro 46 The special Nordic issue of the latest [...]

In Piece Work Magazine

It’s always with a lot of excitement that I await for the special Knitting traditions [...]

Hélène Magnússon in The Knitter

Hélène Magnússon dans The Knitter (…) This issue we have 13 fab patterns for you [...]

The Icelandic Knitter in Vogue Knitting

Tricoteuse d’Islande dans Vogue Knitting Ending the year on a positive note with a nice [...]


Purl Peterborough is a web-based newsletter created by Cindi Brumpton, to celebrate the diversity and depth [...]

Fréttablaðið 26.11.2011

There was a nice interview with me in the Icelandic paper Fréttablaðið last Saturday about the book Knitting [...]

Die Zeit

Last week, I was really happy to read the nice article Elke wrote in Die [...]

In Iceland National TV News

Dans le JT islandais The Hiking and Knitting tour between Fire and Ice tour was [...]

It’s not Christmas, isn’t it?

Ce n’est pas Noël, n’est-ce pas? But it was Christmas last december when I had [...]

Hiking and Knitting tour in the news in Iceland

Le Tricot-treck dans les nouvelles en Islande A   Hiking and Knitting tour is something that [...]

Burda Fait main

I have a four pages spread in the French Burda- Fait main, special knitting: about [...]

Courrier d’Islande

Le Courier d’Islande (The Iceland Express) is a magazine published by the “association France-Islande “(France-Iceland association). [...]

Another clue…

Un autre indice… Another clue about my actual projects… Un autre indice sur mes projets [...]

Kits online

Kits de tricot Plusieurs de mes modèles sont en vente sous forme de kits sur [...]

Christmas knitting

Tricot de Noël Knitting is enjoying a huge revival and Knitting magazine offers all you [...]

Artic interview

Konur sem gera: Helene Magnusson Helene Magnusson er lögmaður með ástríðu fyrir prjóni og ótrúlega [...]

Let´s knit Icelandic

Back home, latest Let´s knit magasine was waiting for me in the mailbox with a [...]

Marie Claire Idées

My mum just called to tell me about it : I´m in the newest issue [...]

Another busy week-end

Un autre week-end bien chargé More book reviews from British magasine Knit today. Thank you [...]

More book reviews

One of my Icelandic friend, Edda, went to London the other day and bought some [...]

Casa D

When I opened my mail this morning, I found Casa D, an International Italian magazine [...]