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Uppspuni: a minimill in Iceland!

I’m so happy! We’re finally going to have a minimill in Iceland! And you can [...]

Mosi, moss, mousse

  Here is Mosi, meaning moss in Icelandic, the first pattern from my Grýla Collection. [...]

Postcards from our Knitting in the Magical Night Tour 2014

These are the lovely settings around the farm house where we stayed with (very) wild [...]

Takk fyrir mig! – Knitting tours 2015!

For the 5th year in a row, I’m happy to present to you the 2015 [...]

One of those perfect days – hiking and knitting with Mary Jane Mucklestone

You may have seen a few pictures on my Instagram feed and know already that [...]

A week-end in Iceland: by the seashore

En bord de mer I missed my Monday post but the light is magical and [...]

Loops in Iceland

Loops en Islande As promised, a few words about the Icelandic trip and the Loops, [...]

Concours et dédicace

Book signing and give away Gagnez un exemplaire gratuit de Retour d´Islande en participant au [...]

Il est rentré ! It returned!

Retour d´Islande est sorti! Les illustrations sont magnifiques: je vous laisse admirer le beau travail [...]


On French TV, the other day, there was the most hilarious compilation on how the [...]

Knitting through

For another point of view on the Flag design, please follow the link. Pour un [...]

Free knitting, free spirit !

My husband is in Iceland at the moment, at the Telemark Skying Festival in Akureyri. [...]

From Iceland # 2

In North of Iceland, we stopped at the farm where I worked at the time [...]

From Iceland # 1

We had a wonderful vacation in Iceland. We spent a great deal of time in [...]

Jeep mishap…

On our way to Mount Hekla for another skying trip, we had a jeep mishap [...]

Back to sea level

Back to sea level late in the evening ! I picked up my needles the [...]

The boys playground

This is the boys playground, on the largest glacier in Europe and I got to [...]