Woolen buttons

Boutons en laine Make your own buttons to match your favorite handknitted sweater. Just wrap [...]

Knit a knicker with your bank ribs

Tricoter une petite culotte avec ses relevés de banque “Feedstock for the production of the [...]

Rice and tuna

Riz au thon The girls are on vacation and today for lunch, they absolutely insisted [...]

More book reviews

One of my Icelandic friend, Edda, went to London the other day and bought some [...]

Akureyri Museum shop

Tomorrow, the beautiful Museum of Akureyri (which likes to call itself the capital of the [...]

Scarf for joy and color

At the time knitted inserts were used in traditionnal Icelandic soft shoes, everyone in Iceland [...]

Book review

The latest review of my book Icelandic knitting using Rose patterns on myshelf.com. Thank you [...]

In the stair case

Someone forgot to take off his shoes!This is a blink of my collection of knitted [...]

Og á íslensku!

And in Icelandic! For some Icelandic lessons, meeting on my site. Above, the Icelandic flag [...]

En français!

Finally, my website is available in French! Click on MY WEBSITE in the right column. [...]


My knitting book, Icelandic Knitting using rose patterns, will have a special place at the [...]

Roseburger and chocolate cake

Today for lunch, I had roseburger and chocolate cake. I´m not usually that greedy (well, [...]

Do mistake, redo

Oups, I got the wrong link on Katarina in my previous post! Thank you wrong [...]

Nordic Knitting Conference

It sounds a little far away, but, in 2010, I was invited to take part [...]

Birkiland pops up

On october 4th, Birkiland will open a “pop up” shop for just a week. Birkiland [...]

Casa D

When I opened my mail this morning, I found Casa D, an International Italian magazine [...]

Pictures from I Knit London

Here is my display just before the opening ..and the crowd came in… With Mary, [...]

Home, not sweet home…

Here I am back from London, exhausted and the house full of boxes. Couldn´t find [...]

I Knit Day tomorrow

That’s it, the I Knit Day London event is tomorrow at the Lawrence Hall, Royal [...]

Back to work soon!

Summer holidays are coming to an end. I´ve been knititng a few more scarves in [...]


Well, we´re back from the Alpes . We made the Tour Ronde and crossed the [...]


When packing for a trip in the mountains, there are a few musts such as [...]

Thank you!

I had some really great responses after the article in Knitter´s review and in Lela [...]

Knitter’s review and scarf pattern

I’m supposed to be on holidays right now! But I definitively had to let you [...]

Happy holidays!

Looking back, I realise that most of my entries are labelled Children… This is what [...]

Blue light

Here is a special order I got. It´s a present for a little babyboy. Blue [...]

The coquerel with a broken arm

Thea started right away with a new project: a coquerel from The Knitted farmyard I [...]

I Knit Day 2008: line up

The line up for the IKnit Day 2008 is on. I´m very excited to get [...]

The lion and the cat

Sylvía finished her cat and Théa her lion. They are both knitted with Álafoss Lopi [...]


Maman Mouche, Papa Mouche and La Mouche are very proud to announce the birth of [...]

Meeting with Lela

Can´t remember when exactely, but at least a year ago (may be two?), I “met” [...]

Pre-order my book

It ´s so nice to see things happening. You can for example pre-order my book [...]

A lion and a cat

Sylvía and Théa are working hard on a lion and a cat project. They are [...]

Knitted house

It´s high summer here, but look what I found in the TV magasine: I´m not [...]

Papa Mouche

Maman Mouche found a husband! Apparently there was a big wedding but I was not [...]

Skúli crochets

Skúli doesn´t know I took a picture of him playing with a piece of string. [...]

Knit with Thea (2)

Thea has been knitting a cache-nez for her friend Salomé´s mother. A cache-nez is a [...]

La Mouche´s birthday

We celebrated La Mouche´s fourth birthday the other day. From all the soft toys the [...]

Knit with Thea (1)

What is Thea (5 and a half years old) knitting? [...]

The palace of illusions

A living sculpture, The Gold, is crocheting threads of knowledge out of its head. One [...]