Roseburger and chocolate cake

Today for lunch, I had roseburger and chocolate cake. I´m not usually that greedy (well, actually, I am) but I had to take more pictures of playful food made with my rose-patterned cutters. The burger sort of shrink after cooking, so the cheese pattern was a little bit too big and I got a little clumsy with the ketchup… But I think the chocolate cake with cream, blueberries and raspberries came out nicely. I didn´t eat it all though, and saved the three pieces for my girls! If you want to have a try, you can buy the cutters for example from the e-shop And you can knit a matching sweater, beret or scarf from my book, Icelandic Knitting using rose-patterns! I am planning in a near future to open an etsy shop, but it all takes time.