Crowberry sweater KIT

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Krækiberjapeysa. That’s the name of this cheerful design, if you’re speaking Icelandic. Notice, for example, the crowberries that adorn the yoke and cuffs: they’re small bobbles. The silhouette here is a slight A-line, with a hem that dips in the back. See how the back hem is lower than the front? Hélène adds short rows to give this an organic shape. And the sleeves have an Icelandic reference built in. Hélène draws inspiration for their top-down construction from 18th-century Icelandic costumes.

This kit doesn´t include the pattern that is to be found exclusively in MDK Field Guide 26: Moss. It won´t be available as a single pattern and is only in English.
EDIT, March 11th, 2024:  we still have kits but we are almost ran out of Love Story Westfjord green (used in the leaves with the dark green lopi 484). The color will be fully restocked towards the end of June.

BUY THE WOOL (no pattern)
and get the pattern in the Field Guide 26: Moss
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