Reindeer moss tam KIT

From  50,76

Here is that reindeer lichen again, atop this quick hat. You’ll also see clever interpretations of witch ring and crowberries, rendered in the heathered shades of Icelandic wool, plötulopi and Love Story. It’s uncanny how natural it all looks, a tribute to Hélène’s sharp eye and feel for color. This kit will give you at least two tams, maybe three, when you alter the order of colors for subsequent tams. The contrasting colors are the same as for the throw so you could use your left overs too and order only  for the main color.

This kit doesn´t include the pattern that is to be found exclusively in MDK Field Guide 26: Moss. It won´t be available as a single pattern and is only in English.


BUY THE WOOL (no pattern)
and get the pattern in the Field Guide 26: Moss
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