Reindeer moss mittens KIT

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Reindeer lichen is a pale sight in the Icelandic landscape, ruffled and dense, low to the ground. The Reindeer moss mittens give us a wink by rendering an actual reindeer onto the mitten tops. Imported to Iceland in the 18th century, reindeers are so found of this lichen that they gave it its name. The mittens have a double gusset, making them particularly well fitted and are as warm as toast, as light as air. They are knitted with plötulopi double.

This kit doesn´t include the pattern that is to be found exclusively in MDK Field Guide 26: Moss. It won´t be available as a single pattern and is only in English.


BUY THE WOOL (no pattern)
and get the pattern in the Field Guide 26: Moss:


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