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More winter scarves…

Encore des écharpes…

Innlit Útlit

Don´t miss Innlit Útlit on Skjár 1 (a popular weekly TV show about Icelandic design) [...]


Tricot´13 pour conjurer le mauvais sort? J´en suis ce mois d´octobre avec pour thème le [...]


Finally I found some time to fill up my shop with some scarves. I will [...]

Wild flowers

Fleurs des champs Wild flowers picked up by Sylvía and Théa. They´ve been gone on [...]

Dis bonjour à la dame !

While I was sick, I couldn´t not knit, but I couldn´t either think of working [...]

New choice of scarves

Nouvelles écharpes New choice of scarves for sale at the Akureyri Museum, North Iceland. After [...]

The worst “photo studio” ever

Mon “studio” photo : on ne fait guère pire… Isn´t it the worst photo “studio” [...]

Perfect match

Here are two scarves for Ada : one for her newborn little sister and one [...]

Free scarf pattern on top !

Modèle d´écharpe gratuit au sommet !

New color range

Nouvelles couleurs

A glimpse, un aperçu

A glimpse of my new Narrow scarves with Icelandic roses. Soon for sale in the shop [...]

I´m working on it !

New range of colors for my narrow scarves. Available in the shops very soon.Nouveau choix [...]


Droit d´auteurEveryday now, I´m sending some free scarf patterns (only one in French : don´t [...]

No comments but many thanks

Mille merci sans commentaires Lately, I´ve been sending quite a few free scarf patterns all [...]

Narrow scarves with roses

Echarpes fines aux roses I have some new sets of Narrow scarves with roses for [...]

Free politically correct knitting pattern

Modèle de tricot gratuit politiquement correct Life in Iceland was not easy in the days [...]

Scarf for joy and color

At the time knitted inserts were used in traditionnal Icelandic soft shoes, everyone in Iceland [...]

Back to work soon!

Summer holidays are coming to an end. I´ve been knititng a few more scarves in [...]

Knitter’s review and scarf pattern

I’m supposed to be on holidays right now! But I definitively had to let you [...]