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Postcards from the Knitting on Ice tour 2015

Here are some pictures of our Knitting on Ice tour this october. We saw sheep, bought [...]

The reunion – Postcards from the Hiking and Knitting Tour under the Midnight Sun 2015

The Hiking and Knitting under the Midnight Sun was a brand new tour I offered [...]

Postcards from the Hiking and Knitting tour between Fire and Ice 2015 or the Fog Ladies

The last tour of the summer ended last week and while I’m preparing for the [...]

Takk fyrir mig! – Knitting tours 2015!

For the 5th year in a row, I’m happy to present to you the 2015 [...]

Knitting and hiking travels, Iceland 2015

  Spring Knitting on Ice with the Elves under the Midnight Sun between Fire and [...]