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Postcards from our Knitting in the Magical Night Tour 2014

These are the lovely settings around the farm house where we stayed with (very) wild [...]

Postcards from our Hiking and knitting tour between Fire and Ice 2014

Knitting at the summit of a warm mountain  at the foot of a glacier, eating Nutella, it [...]

Postcards from our Knitting in the enchanting North tour 2014

Here are pictures from our Knitting in the enchanting North tour 2014: I’m not sure how I managed that [...]

Postcards from our Hiking and knitting tour with the Elves 2014

The Colors of Iceland during the Hiking and Knitting Tour with the Elves 2014 with perfectly [...]

Postcards from a custom knitting tour in June 2014

Sometimes I get to organize custom made knitting tours for knitters or companies: early in [...]

Postcards from our Hot Spring Knitting Tour

Better late than never! Here are postcards from a fabulous knitting holiday this last spring [...]

Postcards from magical Iceland tours

Cartes postales des voyages de tricot magiques! A few pictures from the knitting tours this [...]

Knitting, hiking & spinning tours in Iceland 2014: booking opened!

Voyages de tricot et tricot-treks en Islande 2014: réservations ouvertes! The program for 2014 is [...]