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My trip in the Westfjords (part 4): Skakki

Here is part 4 of my little trip to the Westfjords, shared with you through [...]

Half a century

A few weeks ago was my birthday: the 10th of this month, I turned 50 [...]

Flying …

… is the time! Some months ago (!!), along side with many talented designers I [...]

Tips & techniques – spit-splicing and color changes

Most knitters prefer to splice or join yarn without knots and without leaving ends that [...]

Gilitrutt, an Icelandic tale

Xmas for me is synonymous with snow and tale. So here is an Icelandic tale: the one [...]


While in Shetland, I released a new pattern using my lovely Gilitrutt Tvíband: a lopapeysa [...]

Further North

Last week-end was one of those that can’t get much better. First I went to Akureyri [...]