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The Icelandic Turf House and the Knitter

Icelandic Turf Houses are filled with history and, as a knitter, there are few places [...]

Copenhagen-Nantes-Paris…and the flu!

Copenhague-Nantes-Paris…et la grippe! A big thank you to the numerous people who “brave” the incredibly [...]

A week-end in Iceland: knit and kitch

Un week-end en Islande: tricot kitch This week-end was the launch of a new knitting [...]

Châle traditionnels islandais: le livre en français

Traditional Icelandic shawls: Three cornered and long shawls Je vous l’avais promise, la voici, la [...]

Coronation knits and a giveaway

Livre tricot vintage à gagner EDIT: Congratulations to fabriquefantastique ! http://andrew.hedges.name/experiments/random/ chose her as our winner [...]

Jubilee knitting

Tricot: je jubile ! It was back in 2009 when the pattern for my british [...]

On the vikings’ slot

Sur les traces des vikings On my way back from Normandy, I stopped at Froufrou et [...]

I’m a grandmother!

Je suis grand-mère! Hélène, the Icelandic cashmere goat I adopted, had an adorable youngster called [...]


Livres Lately, I got a few books sent to review on my blog: two in [...]


Sur le salon, quel plaisir de revoir les compagnes de voyages de tricot, les tricoteuses émérites, [...]

Black doll festival

Festival de la poupée noire A very beautiful event in images… I don’t show you [...]

Facile de tricoter au Nord de l’Islande!

Ce qu’il y a de bien avec les voyages de tricot, c’est lorsque des super [...]

Aiguille en fête

Plutôt sympathique d’être accueillie par l’équipe de l’Aiguille en fête tous les matins avec cafe/thé [...]

Little birds

Le repos des pensionnaires (dont on s’est trop bien occupés…) dans leurs petits gilets tricotés [...]

Theodora au pays d’Aðalbjörg

Theodora in Aðalbjörgland (Theodora í Aðalbjargarlandi) Finalement des photos de Créations et Savoir faire: j’ai [...]

Christmas knitting

Tricot de Noël Knitting is enjoying a huge revival and Knitting magazine offers all you [...]

Un week-end à Paris

A week-end in Paris Un week-end parisien bien chaud au salon Kids and the City [...]

My Chrismas knitting

We had a wonderful time skying. It was a real vacation, with no computer or [...]

A piece of cake ?

A piece of tart ? Fun blog with crochet for playing. Un bout de tarte [...]

Very British

I can´t help but sharing with you those fascinating pages on knitting at the Victoria [...]

Deer !

Oh deer, look at all that yarn at Orange you lucky ! Orange you lucky [...]

Dis bonjour à la dame !

While I was sick, I couldn´t not knit, but I couldn´t either think of working [...]

Week-end in London

Week-end à Londres We had a lovely week-end in London, visiting some friends. High peek [...]

Plaid houses

Maisons couvertures I thought I would share those pictures of felted houses made by Laure [...]

Oscar the First

Oscar 1er I just stepped on a website about the history of knitting that I [...]

Caviar !

The other day, I was approached by Danish cook and food stylist, Jakob Kristian Sørensen, [...]

Og á íslensku!

And in Icelandic! For some Icelandic lessons, meeting on my site. Above, the Icelandic flag [...]

Do mistake, redo

Oups, I got the wrong link on Katarina in my previous post! Thank you wrong [...]

The palace of illusions

A living sculpture, The Gold, is crocheting threads of knowledge out of its head. One [...]

Take a breath!

Back to Luxembourg, I took a big breath at Mudam Art Museum with Géraldine Goddat. [...]

Crocheted beanstalk

The other day, I went to the Mudam museum (Musée d´art moderne Grand-Duc Jean) with [...]