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Tips & techniques – Yarn over short rows

Here is a little tutorial that many of you have been asking for: how to work [...]

Tips & techniques – Jogless join

When knitting in the round, we are in fact working spiral rows and a disgraceful [...]

Knitting tips & techniques – Sizing with needle size

The mittens in my Grýla Collection are one size only but pattern says that more [...]

DYI Thea’s felted balls

Tuto: les boules feutrées de Théa Scraps yarns, leftovers, tangled yarns, bits of knit: what [...]

More knitting surgery….

Plus de chirurgie tricotesque…     Remember the amputation of the Olga sweater? Well, after a nasty [...]


Chirurgie My middle daughter keeps “nagging” her left handed sleeves… I had to “amputate” her [...]

Icelandic knitting: steek with me (2): Olga

Here is Olga, ready to cut. The mustard color is not very easy to photograph [...]

Icelandic knitting: steek with me ! (1)

On coupe les mailles! (1)  Most lopi sweater instructions will ask you, before joining in [...]

Tutorial: Disappearing loop cast-on

Tutorial: disappearing loop cast-on With a disappearing loop cast on, you can start a circular [...]

Icelandic knitting – Tutorial: provisional cast on Hook

Petite leçon: montage provisoire There are many different ways to cast on stitches, such as [...]

Icelandic intarsia knitting: yarn management

Petite leçon: jacquard intarsia, dompter les fils  As promised, here is a little tutorial on [...]

Icelandic knitting -Tutorial: centre-pull ball on your thumb

Petite leçon: une pelote avec dévidage central “sur le pouce”   This method doesn´t require [...]

Tutorial: Icelandic intarsia knitting

Icelandic intarsia is an old knitting tradition in Iceland, mostly used in knitted shoe-inserts. It [...]