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Nopi Loop Knitwear

What prompted my wee trip to England earlier this month was the exhibition Knitwear: Chanel [...]

British vintage countryside dream: Knitting on a hill, at Monkley Ghyll

I just came back from England where I spent a few absolutely wonderful days visiting vintage knitwear [...]

Knitting and hiking travels, Iceland 2015

  Spring Knitting on Ice with the Elves under the Midnight Sun between Fire and [...]

Postcards from our Knitting in the enchanting North tour 2014

Here are pictures from our Knitting in the enchanting North tour 2014: I’m not sure how I managed that [...]

Postcards from our Hiking and knitting tour with the Elves 2014

The Colors of Iceland during the Hiking and Knitting Tour with the Elves 2014 with perfectly [...]