Doll clothes: Lopi set for Bjarni

From  5,10

Bjarni always wears the lopi sweater knitted for him by his grandmother. Bjarni loves pockets! He keeps filling them with all sorts of little objects he finds. He doesn’t like to wear socks even in the middle of the winter and he rides his bicycle everyday, no matter how bad the weather is. His favourite food is dried fish with a bit of butter.

This pattern by Hélène Magnusson is for a set of clothes for Bjarni: a striped hooded sweatshirt with a front pocket, a comfy lopi sweater with a front pocket, a pair of trousers with appliqué pockets at front and back and a pair of red sneakers. All the pieces are knitted in the round with minimum sewing to make it just as fun to knit than to play with!

Note that the pattern for the doll itself is not included and must be purchased separately.

Yarn: Léttlopi from Ístex,  Einband from Ístex
Wool Kit also Available here

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