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Vaudou knitting / Tricot vaudou

I don´t know about you, but I don´t seem to be able to knit anything [...]

Cha va ?

Silly French humor, impossible to translate…

Moth alert (alerte aux mites) !

A big fat moth ?Une grosse mite ? Or a little monster !!!!Ou un petit [...]

Help !

Can´t find my camera ! Mon appareil photo a disparu !

Wild flowers

Fleurs des champs Wild flowers picked up by Sylvía and Théa. They´ve been gone on [...]

My knitting material

Mon petit matériel de tricot The bag is a giveaway from Katvig. The case is [...]

Grrr email

I happened to know about four persons  that send me an email lately but I [...]

Thank you!

I had some really great responses after the article in Knitter´s review and in Lela [...]


We were having dinner at some friends when Hulda´s mother dropped by with this fuzy [...]