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My trip in the Westfjords (part 3): Fína Hyrna

Today is part 3 of my wee trip to the Westfjords and the handknit featured [...]

My trip in the Westfjords: Thórhildur (part 1)

If you follow me on social medias, you will know that a couple or more [...]

The making of my yarns: Love Story

I created Love Story in the hope that it will help revive the Icelandic lace [...]

Folded with love

  Gára means “folding” in Icelandic. A gorgeous combination of two yarns – Love Story and Einrúm creates a [...]

Icelandic Knitting Days in Copenhaguen

Last week, I participated for the first time in the Icelandic Knitting Days in Copenhaguen hosted at [...]