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Postcards 2013 from the Hiking and knitting between Fire and Ice holiday

Cartes postales du tricot-trek entre Feu et Glace 2013 A fabulous group of knitters ! [...]

Postcards from our Knitting in the North of Iceland: traditions and Textile Museum

Cartes postales de notre voyage de tricot au Nord de l’Islande: traditions et Musée textile [...]

Knitting elves and elvish knitters

Les Elfes du tricot A “few” pictures from the fantastic Hiking and knitting with the Elves group: miss [...]

Postcards from our Spring knitting holiday: lambs, kids and lopi!

Cartes postales de notre voyage de tricot de printemps au milieu des agneaux! Casanova ..stole [...]

In the German press: Stuttgarter Nachrichten

Dans la presse allemande: Stuttgarter Nachrichten There was an article about the Sonntag Aktuell Tourism [...]

Postcards from our New Year’s Knitting tour

Cartes postales de notre Escapade du Nouvel An This week-end was the first knitting tour [...]

Postcards from our Magical (and windy!) knitting tour

Cartes postales de notre voyage de tricot magique (et venteux!) This week-end was a storm [...]