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Tout à gagner!

Enter to win If you have already signed up or if you just sign up [...]

Ah lala lalala

Here we are, almost midnight, 16th of September… and Issue 01 is not happening… everything [...]


It was probably very unreasonnable to plan publishing first issue between the Wild North Ysolda [...]


The first issue has been wrapped but you’ll have to wait until 10th of September [...]


Working like crazy and still crazy about the Mac. Love the Photo Booth: so practical [...]

Packing up!

I’m leaving to Iceland tomorrow morning with all the family and I’m still packing, trying [...]

Back home

Retour d´Islande (comme le livre !) Finally back home after a great first knitting trip [...]

Working week-end

Ween-end de travail A wonderful working week-end: I just show you pictures. I´ll tell you [...]

Artic interview

Konur sem gera: Helene Magnusson Helene Magnusson er lögmaður með ástríðu fyrir prjóni og ótrúlega [...]