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Travelling shoes in Iceland

Last summer, I had the pleasure to meet with the utterly charming Ash Alberg of [...]

A perfect afternoon in Reykjavík and a spider

Une parfaite après-midi à Reykjavík et une araignée Early in the afternoon, I went to [...]

Icelandic handknits blog tour

Icelandic handknits: tour des blogs Today is the official release of my new book, Icelandic [...]

Châle traditionnels islandais: le livre en français

Traditional Icelandic shawls: Three cornered and long shawls Je vous l’avais promise, la voici, la [...]

Knitting words

Les mots tricotés We already knew La petite tricoteuse d´histoires(The little knitting teller), Poetry in [...]


Cleaning my computer, I found pictures of the baby blanket from my book, that I [...]

From Iceland # 3

Back to Reykjavík, I got my hands on a great book. De retour à Reykjavík, [...]


Livres In London, I bought two books. The knitted Odd-bod Bunch with fabulous Donna Wilson´s [...]

My working space

Mon bureau-atelier C´est ici que je travaille. Je n´ai pas encore tout à fait fini [...]

Do mistake, redo

Oups, I got the wrong link on Katarina in my previous post! Thank you wrong [...]

Meeting with Lela

Can´t remember when exactely, but at least a year ago (may be two?), I “met” [...]

A lion and a cat

Sylvía and Théa are working hard on a lion and a cat project. They are [...]

Knitted house

It´s high summer here, but look what I found in the TV magasine: I´m not [...]

Pictures from my exhibition

Here are a few pictures from the exhibition at Art and Crafts. You can also [...]