Socks of Iceland: Dýjamosi

The book Socks of Iceland is released in the form of a Club every Thursday and you can join any moment until its completion, the 31st of December! The Dyjamososi socks are the 5th pair!

Just like the Mosi socks, they are inspired by moss, but not the same! There are actually over 600 hundreds different types of moss in Iceland and the Dýjamosi (Philonotis fontana), which grows mainly by streams and springs, is one of them. You can spot it far apart with its incredibly vivid color, almost neon green.

The shade Tender green in my Katla sock yarn is actually inspired by it!

Like the Mosi socks, the Dýjamosi socks are knitted from the cuff down, with a heel and toe in different colors. There ends the comparison.

They have a lovely star toe.

And although the heel looks like the afterthought heel, so common in Iceland, it is knitted as you go and not afterwards. Sometimes called an hourglass heel, this fun method makes use of short rows but not in the usual way: there´s no wrap and turn or other similar involved, the holes are closed with simple increases., making it much easier than a regular short row heel.

This method, on the other hand, usually involves breaking the pattern between the leg and with 2 plain rounds. It took me a few tries to get it right.

Safe to walk on grass!

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