Winter escape

Six days ago, I posted on my instagram the picture below with the comment:
Instagram versus reality: what I wish I was doing today. What I did instead: I answered emails for 3 hours, I fought a spammer attack on my website with my webmaster, I drove 45 mn instead of 5mn in the traffic to fetch some knitted related stuff, I updated the Attribute stocks on the website for 2 hours, I almost finished setting up a “new” (2 years old for me) pattern, almost but not quite, I drove one of my daughters who missed her bus, I haven´t knitted for 3 months, my studio is a mess 🙈😂😘⁠
⁠Picture: Kristylopi cardigan in front of glacier Sólheimajökull last autumn during my Knitting on Ice tour. Pattern and yarn kit: follow the link in bio!⁠⁠

Great evils require great remedies!

And little evils require little remedies: a few days later, I was off on a wimp to the North of Iceland where I spend a couple of restful and nourishing days with my friend Myriam.
(links to the knits at the end of the post)

So yes sometimes Instagram is just like reality!

Or is it?

Fortunately day 2 was a bit more quiet!

I even knitted! Not a new design but mending the Útivist sweater I had given Myriam in advance for her 50 years: now it has brand new wrists!

By the way, do you recognise the place?  It is where the Hiking and knitting under the Midnight sun is taking place! It doesn´t look quite the same in the winter and is perfect for mountain skying (that is if weather permits).


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4 thoughts on “Winter escape

  1. Carol Y says:

    This was quite beautiful and makes me want to be there! I hope it is in my future to visit such a place and see all your knitting in person….. thanks Hélène ❣️

  2. Petra says:

    Beeindruckende Strickobjekte aber mindestens genauso beeindruckende Landschaft…. es gibt Gott sei Dank noch Traumziele und ich hoffe sehr, dass sich diese erfüllen… und natürlich nur verbunden mit einem Besuch in Ihrem und ganz vielen anderen Strickläden auf Island…meine Kinder waren in diesem Jahr da und haben mir schon einmal einen kleinen Vorgeschmack an Wolle mitgebracht… ich bin glücklich über die Wolle und meine Kinder… bleiben Sie gesund und erhalten sich Ihre Kreativität… Petra

  3. Kim says:

    What a gorgeous job you’ve done of showing the beauty of the landscape (I want to be there!) as well as the gorgeous knits and glorious yarns (new knitting for me!) lovely way to have a mini-escape – many thanks.

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