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How much is it worth?

Combien vaut-elle? Born with the collapse of the Icelandic financial system, the knitted Icelandic Crown [...]

Innlit Útlit

Don´t miss Innlit Útlit on Skjár 1 (a popular weekly TV show about Icelandic design) [...]

La couronne au pied du mur ?

The Icelandic crowns are back at the National Museum. There are only four now. I [...]

The Icelandic Crown, drove into a corner ? (3)

La couronne islandaise au pied du mur ? A few numeroted coins, exclusively in the [...]

How much worth is one Icelandic crown ? (2)

Que vaut une couronne islandaise? (2) You remember I had knitted an Icelandic Crown (see [...]

How much worth is one Icelandic Crown ?

Que vaut une couronne islandaise ? First, I had the idea. Then I had to [...]