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A week-end in Iceland: family knitting

Un week-end en Islande: tricot en famille It’s good to be a mum! C’est chouette [...]

A week-end in Iceland: My working lopi sweater

Une week-end en  Islande: mon lopi de travail An Old lopi sweater given to me [...]

On the way home

Really happy and (over) excited to be moving back home in Iceland after just a [...]

Home sweet home

Well maybe not so sweet… yet! Peut-être pas si mignonne que ça … encore! Not [...]

La vie passe

Life goes Une pensée pour grand-maman qui est partie. A thought for my grand-mother who [...]

Snow, neige, snjór

I was going to show you more from Créations et Savoir Faire, but then it [...]

My worst nightmare

Mon pire cauchemar I found a moth, right in the middle on my stash: it´s [...]

Moth alert (alerte aux mites) !

A big fat moth ?Une grosse mite ? Or a little monster !!!!Ou un petit [...]

Merry Christmas !

Joyeux Noël !

Laufabrauð : Leafbread or the Snow Flake cake

Laufabrauð ou les Galettes feuilles On Sunday, we made Laufabrauð with our friends. A few [...]

In the stair case

Someone forgot to take off his shoes!This is a blink of my collection of knitted [...]