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The sea of love

Exactly what I needed to cool down a bit! It´s so hot here! Thanks Wren [...]

Loops in Iceland

Loops en Islande As promised, a few words about the Icelandic trip and the Loops, [...]

Shop update

New felted light, tea-rose inspired, very romantic… in my shop…Une nouvelle guirlande en feutre, rose-thé, [...]

Rieux-Minervois en images

Finally pictures from the exhibition…the opening with dried fish, smoked lamb and trout smoked with [...]

Felted lights and a bad throat

Séries en feutre et mal de gorge I spent the week sick in bed with [...]

Happy eastern !

Joyeuses Pâques ! Spring is coming, so is Eastern and I´m putting myself in the [...]


As much as I LOVE colors, the Magnolia felted string light has a softness that [...]

Free shipping rate

Frais d´envoi gratuits My felted lights work with European CE power lights. In order to [...]


Trésor Felted string lights featured in Etsy treasury. Thank you Sharon (the Fuzzy Monkey) ! [...]


Grrrrrrr…. My felted lights are working with european power lights. In order to respond to [...]

The Norvegian felted light

La série lumineuse norvégienne I was asked to make a typically Norvegian felted string light. [...]

International bazaar

Bazaar International Here are a few pictures from the International Bazaar, 2008. It went well [...]

My very first ETSY order

Ma première commande ETSY My very first ETSY order is going to Buenos Aires ! [...]

My ETSY shop

Ma boutique ETSY I finally opened my ETSY shop, where you can easily and safely [...]

Fairy lights

Lumières des Elfes It´s cold outside and I have been seeping tea all day long [...]

Blue light

Here is a special order I got. It´s a present for a little babyboy. Blue [...]