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Flowering crochet

I spent the week-end North Iceland and used the opportunity to visit Safnasafnið (the Icelandic [...]

A piece of cake ?

A piece of tart ? Fun blog with crochet for playing. Un bout de tarte [...]

Souvenirs du Maroc

Informations about the techniques of tapestry crochet can be found here and here.Cliquez sur les [...]


Maman Mouche, Papa Mouche and La Mouche are very proud to announce the birth of [...]

Papa Mouche

Maman Mouche found a husband! Apparently there was a big wedding but I was not [...]

Skúli crochets

Skúli doesn´t know I took a picture of him playing with a piece of string. [...]

The palace of illusions

A living sculpture, The Gold, is crocheting threads of knowledge out of its head. One [...]


We were having dinner at some friends when Hulda´s mother dropped by with this fuzy [...]