Birkilauf KIT

Birch leaves were my inspiration to design this hat. I used the beautiful and incredibly soft Hulduband yarn from Uppspuni, the first ever minimill in Iceland. The brown yarn is a natural sheep color, not dyed, whereas the yellow yarn was plant dyed especially for me with Birkilauf, Birch leaves.

Birki means Birch in Icelandic and it is a native tree of Iceland. The coastline used to be covered with birch forests but due to different factors, there are today only remnants of those. Maybe this is why it has a special place in Icelandic hearts. Appreciated by Icelandic designers and crafters, it is also used as a spice or for its medicinal qualities and to dye wool.

EDIT 1st nov 2017: thank you for the awesome response!  Already out of stock and unfortunately I can’t get more kits: you have to use green leaves to get a deep rich yellow color, autumn leaves are no good and make a brownish color! Maybe next year…

Yarn used: Hulduband from Uppspuni

Hulduband Wool KIT (no pattern)
Pattern available here


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