Útivist KIT

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Útivist (meaning outdoors in Icelandic; pronounced ootivist) is a highly technical outdoor clothing. Integrated mountain hood for additional weather protection, zipped chest pockets, longer back hem for additional comfort and warmth, 2 ways center front zip, adjustable cuffs and Women’s Active fit with articulated and pre-shaped sleeves. It is made of an extremely lightweight and exceptionally breathable, weather resistant, water-repellant, odor-repellant, environmentally friendly eco fabric with remarkable insulation qualities that affords total mobility and unhindered breathability whilst repelling moisture and protecting you against the elements: Icelandic lopi wool. In short, Útivist is a great lopi sweater with a zipper, hood and pockets, and a very good fit!

The KIT contains enough Einrúm L (lopi + silk) main color and Léttlopi  contrasting colors to knit the sweater in the size chosen. It represents a 10% discount compared if you were going to buy the wool separately. If you choose “Color of your choice” please indicate them at the checkout in the notes. Edit Mars 30th 2020: Einrúm 2006 is out of stock until August 2020.

KIT ( wool, NO pattern)
Buy the pattern PDF separately here