Sortulyng Sock blockers

From  19,72

Sortulyng socks blockers is my new sock blockers design. They are crafted from natural birch plywood and were handmade especially for me. Strong and sustainable, their design is inspired by a type of bearberry that grows in Iceland (Sortulyng in Icelandic, Arctostaphylos uva-ursi).  The red berries were used to make ink in the middle ages and to dye cloths black. It grows all over Iceland.
A useful blocking tool for handmade socks, the Sortulyng blockers  are also a beautiful object on their own and will make a perfect gift for any sock knitter (or crocheter!).

Available in 2 sizes: Small and Medium (see details below, under More information).
For the size large check the Krækiber design.

Wood Sock Blocker

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