Gamlalón KIT

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Gamlalón is a little Icelandic yoke cropped sweater, very fine and ultralight, knitted with the soft Icelandic lambswool yarn Gilitrutt . With its feminine flair, it’s a wink both in name and shape to Hélène’s popular Gamaldags sweater. Cleverly constructed, the scooped neckline is however achieved without any short rows involved! The motif in the yoke is inspired by the Old Blue Lagoon, formed in 1976 from the waste water of the geothermal plant of Svartsengi. Situated in the middle of a lava field, the 3 plant’s chimneys rose dramatically above the hot pool blue of silica where people started to bath. The bathing lagoon was later moved farer away from the plant but is still alimented by its output water.


KIT ( Gilitrutt Tvíband + free pattern PDF in English, French and Icelandic)
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