Forystuvettlingar KIT

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Forystuvettlingar (Leadersheep mittens) are knitted with the beautiful wool colors of the Icelandic Forystufé (Leadersheep). The Leadersheep is a unique stock found nowhere else in the world. It is part of the Icelandic nation’s heritage. It is primarily bred for its intelligence and differs from other sheep in both behavior and build. It is taller, thinner, with a longer neck, less fat and has a softer wool. Most people think it is beautiful. My design is inspired by the traditional Leaf mittens from the West fjords of Iceland and comes in five sizes, from toddler to big adult man.
I made sure that about the same amount of yarn is used for each color so you can arrange them exactly the way you want for a very different result.
With three skeins of 50g, you have even enough to knit two pairs, one for a child, one for an adult, depending on the sizes chosen.

Forystufé wool KIT (Icelandic leadersheep wool) + PDF Download (in English, French and Icelandic). Limited quantities.
The pattern alone is available here

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